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Reviewed By artsysenior May 5, 2014

The Best!

In 60 years of banking experiences, this is absolutely the best. They offer everything the mega-banks offer and the people are wonderful (which, incidentally, you can always phone and talk to an actual person without any of that stupid robotic stuff). Would never bank anywhere else.

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Reviewed By Summer99 Aug 19, 2014

Be Careful

Be careful with this bank. They will do whatever they can to charge you over draft fees even if you are not over drawn. Even if you prove to them that it was the banks error, they will not reverse them or credit you back. This bank charged me an nsf fee after a check cleared and i had over $100. 00 left remaining in my account. I have overdraft protection and they returned my check to the place i wrote it. Not only did i have an overdraft fee at the bank, but i also had a $25. 00 return fee from the place of business where they returned the check to that i had to pay. After sitting in a branch office for over an hour trying to convince one of the customer service reps, but they could not explain to me why i was charged this fee or why my overdraft protection must accidently turned off and then turned back on. But still yet would not reverse the charge from my account. No one in this bank knows what they are doing and there practices of billing you fees are a little leery. This bank is trying to go out of business. Credit unions are the way to go. I am switching and i have been with this bank since 1987. Only a 1 star for this bank and they do not even deserve that!!

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Latest Chemical Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By reviewedbyme May 4, 2017

    Chemical Online Banking Vulnerable to Online Theft

    Chemical Bank has recently updated their online banking login credentials, but it's not a good thing. They use "publicly available" information such as your name, DOB, and street address to access your account. In other words, you can (1) Go to sites like Spokeo, (2) Type in a target persons name, (3) Retrieve data like Age, DOB, Street Address, (4) Go to Chemical Bank, (5) Use this data to answer basic security questions, (6) Access target persons account.

    They also now require that you update this private data into a 3rd party website called LexisNexis which is also vulnerable to hacking.

    Summary: I don't now whose horrible idea it was to create system that makes it easy to hack into a persons private account, but I really do not recommend people bank with Chemical Bank anymore. I've been there for 2 years and now I have to close my account, because I don't want people using/stealing my data or money!

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    Reviewed By RonH Apr 19, 2017

    Horrible experience

    As a Traverse City resident I was a life long customer of Northwestern Bank. As a NW Bank customer I was treated fairly and with respect. That all changed after Chemical Bank took over. I have a laundry list of egregious behavior on the part of Chemical Bank and their banking "practices". For anyone who is contemplating using Chemical Bank, I would say run as far and as fast as you can away from this "bank".

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    Reviewed By Keyshia Feb 27, 2017

    Horrible Wendy n Ruth

    Wendy and Ruth both are slow up there. What I don't like is that they so rude when it comes down to the customers . The banking alone is all crewed they make up rules as they go n when one get caught in a lie the other one try to feed off of it n get cought in the lie I don't recommend nobody to bank here Bank of America is way better

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    Reviewed By heatherabbit Feb 20, 2017

    Worst customer service, archaic business banking

    I was with Northwestern Bank for years which I loved, not so much now that it's Chemical. The staff are incredibly rude, even though the branch I frequent is small they don't know any of the customers by name. When entering the bank, the tellers don't even bother to greet you! I was locked out of my business online banking and called "customer service" to have it reinstated, they treated me as if I was bothering them and then informed me I would be sent a temporary log in in ONE TO TWO DAYS!! Sorry but I can't stop my business for one to two days. I have NEVER heard of a process like this from any other bank. I wonder if they will be sending my log in credentials by carrier pigeon. DO NOT bank here!!

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    Reviewed By DavidGlen Jul 12, 2016

    Good as long as they are recieving your money.

    I got a loan through Chemical Bank a few years back and thought nothing of it at the time.
    I paid my Monthly payments on time always and so when I thought it was time to pay off my loan I looked online to see what the final sum would be.
    I then called the bank to make sure that the sum I read online would be sufficient to pay off the loan.
    On the phone I was given a corrected sum that included any interests that had accumulated in the meantime which was about $50 higher than the sum shown online.
    I then sent them a check for that amount plus an extra $15 in case there should be more interest in the meantime. With the personal note that I was closing my account and this was payment in Full.
    I waited from the 25th of April when they cashed the check, until the 19th of May to hear from them, after not hearing from the bank I looked online to see if there should be some notice or a comment, after not being able access the online account, (it had been closed), I then called the bank and was told that I still owed them a little over $22.
    I asked them if they were going to charge interest on that as well and their answer was probably.
    I told the lady that I was sending a check for $100 and that if it did not cover the cost I would send a lawyer as my next step.
    Approx. 10 days later I received a check for the overpaid amount and a letter congratulating me on paying off my loan.
    Worthless in Iowa as you must have a signed and notarized release of lien from the bank, so again I called the bank and explained that I need a notarized release of lien! I was told that the bank always leaves the account lay five weeks after being paid off to make sure the check does not bounce, and that I would be receiving a release of lien in the mail.
    Talking to the supervisor don’t help either because she is uncooperative.
    Funny is that when I paid off my wife’s car I had the lien release in the mail a week later by “a different bank”.
    Needless to say I will never do business with the chemical bank again.

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    Reviewed By bryanstallard Jan 7, 2016

    30 yr history (false rating is...0)

    Been with them since they were OLD KENT in Gaylord some 30yrs. Tim Hall, one of their senior officers, along with Mark Kurth changed over to NWB. Probably others as well. They were great to me as a very small business. I know that I did not contribute to there bottom line very much, but over years they got the interest. NWB in all there wisdom did a deal with the BIGBOYZ and lost there ass. Hence the buy out via CHEMICAL. Now big corporate that wants to flush us little guys down the drain. They are doing a pretty good job of it ! Im not a vindictive feller , but I hope these cats all get their due....bryanstallard/woodfloors

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    Reviewed By MikeJohn May 15, 2015

    Worst lending department in the state.

    First off let me say I have been active in banking and lending as a professional, residential and commercial, for over 20 years so I know the in's and outs of the industry.

    While recently attempting to conduct a simple and straight forward loan for business clients with perfect credit and 20 years in business, their "TEAM" from Traverse City engaged in fraud. FRAUD.
    I advised my client's to move their $400,000 a year in deposit's to a local Credit Union.
    They should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Reviewed By wildbillsouth Apr 15, 2015

    Excellent one on one servce! AND Caring financial experts!

    Whenever I have a problem or advice, these ladies and gentleman are there for me. The most knowledgeable experts, in the business of banking services!
    That is what I have found and experienced at the Chemical Bank and Trust on North Avenue, a few streets South of my home. I would not switch Banks for all of these reasons! Just the nicest and good looking ladies, around. Really!

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    Reviewed By marvinlzinn1 Feb 13, 2015

    Best in the world

    From my work in many states and 20 countries, Chemical Bank is the best I ever saw. It is very friendly and efficient, less fees and common sense operation.

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    Reviewed By bakuebler Dec 10, 2014


    I was with Northwestern Bank for about 20 years, a very loyal customer and appreciated the bank I had. Then, Chemical Bank took over. Awful customer service, can never get through when calling a local branch, they do not return email correspondence, and their online banking is in the tank. Not only can I not use all the services all the time, but during the "takeover" I had to wait an entire month before I could use online bill pay. I was treated like a complete moron for not having another capability set in place to take care of my bills.

    Now, I need access to my bank records preceding the transition for the last year and I can no longer access them after they told me I would be able to several weeks ago. This has delayed a loan and cost me a great deal of money and loss of profit. Not to mention the fact that I can now, no longer obtain loan information from my local branch. What a joke. I am closing my accounts. I love the people formerly of NWB, but I will no longer do business with Chemical Bank. They do NOT deserve my business!

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