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Reviewed By Teresa Y. Mar 14, 2013

Nightmare, we have gotten to the day before closing 3 times only to find that the Bank has not done their job.

This bank put a peace of property on the market without having the title clear. Then did not know enough to get it straightened out in a timely fashion. We should be closing today, for the third time. They still have not gotten their act together. We have invested too much time and energy to not sign yet another 2 week extension. My husband is a 90 percent disabled veteran and I am having to take him to see the doctor today because of the undo stress this has caused him.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Krobinson450 Jan 7, 2014

Rip Off

I was charged a fee of $36.00 for not having enough money in my account to cover and item that hit my account, I did not have the money to put in my account until I got paid, the account was overdrawn for about 6 days. On the day of my direct deposit SunTrust hit me with another $36.00 fee for the same item. When I called them about it, they said it's an extended overdraft fee. I work had everyday trying to make it, I can understand being charged an overdraft fee one time for not having the funds but to hit me a second time is just WRONG. That was my gas money for the week. Suntrust has lost me as a customer and I will warn all my friends and family members about SunTrust practices. Don't bank with SunTrust.

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Latest Suntrust Bank Reviews

  • K
    Reviewed By KHODGES Oct 4, 2016


    I went inside to withdraw money for a bill. I made the withdraw paid the bill and went on about my day. I checked my account later that night seen I was negative a very small portion of money so I moved some money over to cover it. Next morning I see a large amount of money in my account which was not alarming because I was expecting a deposit, paid more bills and next thing I know my card declines... I check my account see I'm negative a large amount of money. come to find out they never posted the first withdrawal I made until a day later!! They keep telling me this IS THEIR ERROR how ever I should have not spent money that was in my account they will recover the fees but that is all. This would not have happened if they processed it correctly!!!!!! so now they are blaming me!!! I called corporate and they said "we are not going to help you pay your bills" EXTREMELY RUDE!!!!! if they had processed everything or at least gave me a call or email or something this would not have happened and they wont rectify!! Do not come here!!!! RUN FAR AWAY!!! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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  • A
    Reviewed By Agravated Sep 9, 2016

    Still Waiting for my cards

    At first I was pleased with Sun Trust.I had accounts already with Suntrust but when I moved I found a close location to go and bank with.This location was like a old time bank and I was treated very nicely.So I ordered new checks with my new address and a bank card.I also transferred my IRA over and replaced my credit card with one of theirs from another bank.This was done in July and I am still waiting on my Bank card and my MasterCard.I finally recieved my checks last Friday.The first set they sent was with the wrong address.So of course I go to the bank to look into it and at first I was treated okay not the best because I could tell the employee was ticked off to find out we didn't go to her to transfer my IRA.She was who mentioned doing so but she wasn't n the day I went and I didn't realize it would have looked good for her.So the whole time I was their I felt uncomfortable.Another week goes by and still no cards so back to the bank I went.And now I could tell I was bothering the employee.Its not my fault I haven't recieved my cards.She has an attitude this time.I guess it would be a okay bank if you don't run into problems where you need to go to the bank .Oh yeah it also took a month and a half for my IRA to make its way to their bank.

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  • C
    Reviewed By cdkandler Aug 30, 2016

    Don't use them

    They closed my account because a check I deposited was "suspicious". The check has cleared and they still won't release the funds. They also accepted the direct deposit from my employer (after their customer service department advised me it would be returned to my employer) and won't release those funds either. It has been 8 business days since the check was deposited and two business days since the direct deposit went through. Their customer service department is not helpful and sounds like they are reading a script.

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  • J
    Reviewed By Jclackum Jul 22, 2016

    Customer service

    Suntrust customer service sucks I will closing my account and going to a different bank

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  • C
    Reviewed By cherie00 Jul 20, 2016

    WHy have a branch in Manakin Sabot

    Yesterday was the second time I have had to leave the Manakin Sabot branch and travel to the Short Pump branch to get assistance. This time we were having identity theft issues and it was recommended that we go the branch and change our accounts over to new accounts. I walked into the Manakin Sabot branch and was told it would be a short wait. I could hear the woman who was supposed to help us on the phone in her office. After about 10 minutes of waiting I heard her hang up the phone, then proceed to dial another number. After listening to her talk about a wine party for several minutes we decided our business was obviously not important. We traveled to the Short Pump branch and were helped right away and very professionally by Jennifer. This is the second time this has happened. Why even have a branch in Manakin Sabot?

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  • S
    Reviewed By Susanpowers Jul 7, 2016

    Terrible Customer Service

    I've banked with Suntrust for a few years Their customer service is horrible. Words that come to mind are unresponsive and inflexible. Quite frankly they act like they could care less if they keep my business even though I'm an excellent customer---high credit score, use a lot of their products including a credit card and mortgage. Good luck getting any problem resolved. If you use their online message service you will probably receive a response that doesn't even remotely correspond to your question. I'm finally going to take the time to move all of my accounts.

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  • DM
    Reviewed By Dave M. Jun 16, 2016

    SunTrust Violates their own policy

    I have been with this chump bank for several years, mostly because my company uses then for payroll and IRA. I have had my issue with Suntrust, but this last one takes the cake. I made a withdrawal for my Suntrust Retirement Solutions IRA account, note this is a branch of Suntrust. I was issued a Suntrust check, drawn on Suntrust, payable to me. Now let me quote for Suntrust policy on availability of funds deposited

    " Next-Day Availability
    Funds from the following deposited items are available
    for withdrawal on the first business day after the
    day of your deposit – these items are also referred
    to as next-day availability items. The checks must be
    payable to you and deposited to your account.
    SunTrust Bank checks..."

    It clearly states that Suntrust Checks are available the next business day. Now this was a rather large check, and had it been a Suntrust check drawn from a personal account I could understand the hold, but this was a check drawn from Suntrust not a personal account, and it seems that this hick town back doesn't even trust its self and violates its own policies.

    To make a long story short Suntrust will release my funds within the next 24 hours or face charges with the FTC, assuming that they pull their heads out of their asses I will be removing the funds and putting them into a real bank.

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  • R
    Reviewed By rdavis02 May 17, 2016


    When opening your account with Suntrust, they do not explain all of the fees that will be associated with your account. The representative are not properly trained and Suntrust overcharges for everything. If this is your first account, you need to be sure that this is the bank of your choice unless your employer also banks with them. Also, I would suggest researching other banks before choosing this bank. The overdraft fees are outrageous and the representatives that you speak to on the phone are not trained properly and sound like they are making things up as they go.

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  • J
    Reviewed By Jandn May 13, 2016

    Stupidity at its best

    My husband and I bought a new car and it was financed through Suntrust. I hate this company. They lost a payment in January called me in February to tell me we were behind. We have been back and forth since then, and they STILL have not fixed the problem. We do what they tell us to do only for the rules and procedures to change when they screw up. We faxed them PROOF that we paid them 3 separate times, to have them tell me that "we have to file a missing payment request". But I'd heard up to that point that all they needed was for me to fax them this bank statement. She continued to tell me that it was probably a managers fax number that the other operator had given me and they didn't know to file a missing payment form. Why else would I fax them proof of payment from 3 months prior?! Everyone I talk to still says "if I paid, if I can prove it." They tell me they have only talked to me through this whole ordeal, when my husband has talked to them several times! They've called my husband a liar because they can't find paperwork and their departments can't share information! Even though their OWN people give out the numbers to different departments. We got a letter from them in the mail saying that $400 is debited to our account, they have no record of such a letter, the conformation number on that letter is not even in their system. My mother-in-law gave us the money to pay them until they found our payment so that they would stop harassing me at work. My husband picked one of the numbers to call and make a payment, he goes through the whole thing files missing payments. A few days later I get another call at work informing me that we are behind. They've ALREADY lost my money from January now they've lost her money from two days ago. They proceed to tell me that if I called any number but their line it doesn't show up in their system, they can't confirm payment. When I give them my husbands number to call and handle this they tell me they auto dialed me, and have no way of contacting him. He calls them later that day only to have them say they need to speak to his mother to approve her making this payment. They then they end the call with " if they do not get a payment soon they will file for repossession on our car." At this point I'm so ill with this company. I DARE them to take our car, someone will hang, and I'm fixing to own Suntrust. We are looking into taking out a loan from a dependable bank to pay them in full so we can get out from under their bs. My mother-in-law called them, my husband was there, they called the "right" number gave them all the information filed missing payments reports, at this point it's another waiting game and I'm just praying to God that this is finally over. Something that should have ended in February, after their first call.They suck at customer service, communication, and overall being a good dependable business. Never once in ANY of our numerous phone calls have they admitted to their mistakes or complete lack of competence. They continue to "assure me they they understand" but refuse to even apologize for their mess-up. I absolutely HATE Suntrust. This kind of handling of loans and people will run this business into the ground. There is no excuse for the way these people behave and no structure to their polices. Yet they have the gall to call US the liars!

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  • J
    Reviewed By jgdouglass May 12, 2016

    Suntrust Froze my Home Equity Line of Credit

    I made my Home Equity Line of Credit payment at Suntrust Bank and received a call 20 days later informing me that I was late. I was going through a tumultuous time with family health issues and I had not noticed that the payment had increased by 48.00. I had paid the old payment amount of 102.00 - on time. I was informed that I owed them 48.00. I apologized, asked them to please draft that amount, and explained that I simply had not noticed that the payment had increased. As a result, they froze my line of credit indefinitely, even with good credit and a good job. Be very careful and shop around before you use this bank!

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