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Reviewed By Teresa Y. Mar 14, 2013

Nightmare, we have gotten to the day before closing 3 times only to find that the Bank has not done their job.

This bank put a peace of property on the market without having the title clear. Then did not know enough to get it straightened out in a timely fashion. We should be closing today, for the third time. They still have not gotten their act together. We have invested too much time and energy to not sign yet another 2 week extension. My husband is a 90 percent disabled veteran and I am having to take him to see the doctor today because of the undo stress this has caused him.

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Reviewed By Krobinson450 Jan 7, 2014

Rip Off

I was charged a fee of $36.00 for not having enough money in my account to cover and item that hit my account, I did not have the money to put in my account until I got paid, the account was overdrawn for about 6 days. On the day of my direct deposit SunTrust hit me with another $36.00 fee for the same item. When I called them about it, they said it's an extended overdraft fee. I work had everyday trying to make it, I can understand being charged an overdraft fee one time for not having the funds but to hit me a second time is just WRONG. That was my gas money for the week. Suntrust has lost me as a customer and I will warn all my friends and family members about SunTrust practices. Don't bank with SunTrust.

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Latest Suntrust Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By Bubba Feb 27, 2017

    Incompetent Manager and Bank

    Upon using the drive through for a deposit, the bank gave away my debit card to a customer inside the bank. That customer had left the premises in the 10 minutes it took the teller to process a simple deposit. I was told to drive around to the front. With two kids and a dog in the car, I waited and no one came out to talk to me. So I took my kids into the bank, and spoke to the awful branch manager who is a smooth talker. He assured me that the other customer was on his way back, and if I could wait around a little longer then I could get my card back. After waiting around another 10-15 minutes, I had to get going. I told Mr. Manager to cancel my existing card and issue a new one. He said that someone from Suntrust would be calling me as well about my bad experience. 5 business days later: no call and no new card. I call 1-800 Suntrust, and find out my card was never cancelled! Mr Mismanager never had my old card cancelled, and never had anyone call me. Upon looking at other websites that review banks, it appears that the Hickory Park Suntrust has a history of problems with tellers and the incompetent manager. Needless to say, I will no longer be banking with Suntrust since I can not trust them. The manager is horrible at the Hickory Park location.

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    Reviewed By UntrustSuntrust Feb 2, 2017

    Stay away from Untrust

    If you ever have an overdraft look out. Suntrust holds out on the order in which you have spent money on your debit card. So, if you have an overdraft on a large purchase instead of hitting you with 1 overdraft fee they go in and swap the order in which your purchases were made. Sample, making the larger one first and then the smaller ones last thus causing more overdraft fees. Then blaming the merchant for not drafting the money. Hahaha ha BS.... This will happen to you every time. Suntrust is Untrust... Don't go with this bank it is normal practices for them to do this..

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    Reviewed By Mahmoudsk2 Jan 20, 2017

    Very Poor Customer Service

    This bank's customer service team does not know anything about customer service and every time I call them with a question they direct me to the branch. I have a checking and a savings accounts with them, and I called the wire transfer 800 number today to ask how much is the fee for wire transfers and the lady answered my call didn't tell me the information I needed and lectured me that I have to go to the branch as if this fees knowledge is a national security secret. This isn't my first time asking them for some information and they refuse to give it to me and direct me to the branch. I'm closing my account and advise all people to think very good before opening an account with them.

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    Reviewed By Kflyer Jan 9, 2017

    Beware SunTrust Rewards Card users

    Points expire. Expiration notification on statement was hidden into an ad for a loan to pay for college on a back page. Notification of expiration should have been in the Rewards Summary section along with the points totals. Disappointed in how ST choose to handle this issue and feel duped. The Rewards group subjected me to long hold times and UN-business like behavior during my inquiries and attempts for a cash redemption of my remaining points. 45k points have been stolen from me on this transaction. Being a long time customer of SunTrust I have dealt with many mistakes by SunTrust but it's clear to me this wasn't a mistake. In closing SunTrust will never feel the loss of my annual holiday gift card purchases, or the numerous auto loans, lines of credit. Or my mortgage loan which will be refinanced before the end of the month. I have now closed all but one account which I will keep the min balance in and will keep active until they stop sending paper statements. I will look forward to my monthly statement which will serve as a reminder on what SunTrust thinks about me.

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    Reviewed By lenster1975 Dec 2, 2016

    Suntrust is going downhill fast!

    After 5 years and several hundred thousand dollars through my accounts with Suntrust in St. Cloud Florida, I have decided it is time to take my business where it will be appreciated. First it is nearly impossible to get a live person on the phone to answer questions at my local branch, when there is no employee available then I was automatically sent to the Branch Managers voicemail, where I had left messages with no luck. I called the East St. Cloud branch instead and I did get a hold of a female worker, who failed to try to here me out, and took a hostile position against me. She then went on to be condescending when I stated I can take my account elsewhere. She said don't threaten us with that, before you allow me to see what she could do. However I knew already by her tone of hostility and unwillingness to fully understand my question that she would even be able to meet my request, but I allowed her to amuse herself by saying there was nothing we could do. I then said no problem I will close my accounts after 5 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars. These employees at Suntrust don't car for your business. If they did they would treat you like the customers that we are not as if they are doing us a service. Suntrust has this mentality that they are the only gig in town. Well I got news for them. Banks and getting bank accounts are a dime a dozen and some banks offer a couple of hundred bucks just for getting one. Suntrust needs to understand that when they allow their employees to disenfranchise their loyal customers, not only are they risking their deposits walking out the door, but they are loosing their debit card interchange purchases every time a customer swipes their debit card at merchants. This is a handsome reward for the banks, see they get 1.7 to 3% of that charge in fees assessed against that merchant. So lets say for example the bank ticks off a customer who spends $50,000 each year on their debit card, they are kissing $900 to $1500 each year goodbye. I bid Suntrust a Farewell today and I moved across the street to another bank that apparently staffs enough people to take care of me with a smile, and as a test I called the new bank and immediately got an attendant on the phone. How refreshing....

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    Reviewed By MadinFlorida Nov 15, 2016

    Received letter forcing me to CLOSE MY ACCOUNT after 19 years

    I have been a Suntrust customer for 19 years.
    My house mortgage was with them, paid in full on time every month
    I am disabled and live on a direct deposit Soc Sec check.
    Received an unsigned letter in mail, no phone, no dept, no email address that I had 10 days to close my account. NO REASON.
    My whole life depends on the direct deposit and online auto pay bills. No reason given to branch mgr. Learned it was because I disputed some small charges, which they investigated in my favor and paid out.
    That was it.
    This is the new corporate model. Dispute a charge, get tossed out. Amazon does this too. They never said one of my disputes was fraudulent. Not one was over $40.00.

    Corporate Rape. You become the victim once and then again if you tell someone. This is a violation of the US Disability Act. They are a bank. They do not have to answer to anyone. The 99% will not allow the 1% to continue sipping champagne on their yachts and destroy lives.

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    Reviewed By KHODGES Oct 4, 2016


    I went inside to withdraw money for a bill. I made the withdraw paid the bill and went on about my day. I checked my account later that night seen I was negative a very small portion of money so I moved some money over to cover it. Next morning I see a large amount of money in my account which was not alarming because I was expecting a deposit, paid more bills and next thing I know my card declines... I check my account see I'm negative a large amount of money. come to find out they never posted the first withdrawal I made until a day later!! They keep telling me this IS THEIR ERROR how ever I should have not spent money that was in my account they will recover the fees but that is all. This would not have happened if they processed it correctly!!!!!! so now they are blaming me!!! I called corporate and they said "we are not going to help you pay your bills" EXTREMELY RUDE!!!!! if they had processed everything or at least gave me a call or email or something this would not have happened and they wont rectify!! Do not come here!!!! RUN FAR AWAY!!! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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    Reviewed By Agravated Sep 9, 2016

    Still Waiting for my cards

    At first I was pleased with Sun Trust.I had accounts already with Suntrust but when I moved I found a close location to go and bank with.This location was like a old time bank and I was treated very nicely.So I ordered new checks with my new address and a bank card.I also transferred my IRA over and replaced my credit card with one of theirs from another bank.This was done in July and I am still waiting on my Bank card and my MasterCard.I finally recieved my checks last Friday.The first set they sent was with the wrong address.So of course I go to the bank to look into it and at first I was treated okay not the best because I could tell the employee was ticked off to find out we didn't go to her to transfer my IRA.She was who mentioned doing so but she wasn't n the day I went and I didn't realize it would have looked good for her.So the whole time I was their I felt uncomfortable.Another week goes by and still no cards so back to the bank I went.And now I could tell I was bothering the employee.Its not my fault I haven't recieved my cards.She has an attitude this time.I guess it would be a okay bank if you don't run into problems where you need to go to the bank .Oh yeah it also took a month and a half for my IRA to make its way to their bank.

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    Reviewed By cdkandler Aug 30, 2016

    Don't use them

    They closed my account because a check I deposited was "suspicious". The check has cleared and they still won't release the funds. They also accepted the direct deposit from my employer (after their customer service department advised me it would be returned to my employer) and won't release those funds either. It has been 8 business days since the check was deposited and two business days since the direct deposit went through. Their customer service department is not helpful and sounds like they are reading a script.

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    Reviewed By Jclackum Jul 22, 2016

    Customer service

    Suntrust customer service sucks I will closing my account and going to a different bank

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